Making Well Structured Work

Here’s an attempt to Keep It Super Simple with a Way Path guide that can help any group do the wayfinding of determining its work and the point of its work;  To know what work it should be doing and why it should be doing it.

  1. VisionThe Wish Points (WP0):  Where We Wish To Go and Why? (the big picture is…) Answer determines The Projects
  2. GoalsThe Wanted Prizes (WP1): What We Want To Get There? (we won when…) Answer determines The Products
  3. StrategyThe Willed Plans (WP2): Who Does What When To Get There When? (we’re going to…) Answer determines The Processes
  4. TacticsThe Work Producers (WP3): How Does Who Do What? (who shall try…) Answer determines The People
  5. WorkThe Work Produced (WP4): Do What? (it’s for…) Answer determines The Produce (“fruits of labor” so to speak)

We can see that a clear and shared vision provides a path that guides the group by helping it to define its vision, which clarifies its goals, which guides its planning, which guides its work, which guides its doing.

Once all the work is done, and we get to where we were going, we hope to get the prizes we envisioned. Maybe we get more than we wished for, maybe less. Either way we made what we wanted and the prizes were only part of the point of the journey. For no matter what we do, new wishes make new places to go; making more work, and keep the journey long and prosperous.

And maybe that’s our wish anyway; for all of us to have a long and prosperous journey towards making the world we all want to have some day.